Wireless Internet Access

We offer wireless internet for bark river residents, with connection speeds up to 100MBPS depending on range and service requested. Contact us for pricing.

Our maximum range is 10 Miles clear line of sight from Ray’s Feed Mill.

Bark River WIFI Range (Click to enlarge image)

Bark River WIFI Range

Orange Ring – MAX radius and will require a tower to receive signal 90% of the time

Blue Ring – Safe Zone – May or not require a tower to receive signal 60% of the time will need some form of elevation

Dark Orange Center – This is the radius in which a customer need hardly any equipment to receive the signal and will require no elevation

Check back to this website to see what other areas that we will provide internet access to.

If you are in an area where internet access is limited or have a place where we can set up a fully working wireless ISP service please contact us or fill out the form to the right.